Monday, August 15, 2016

♥Target Beauty Box August 2016♥

Hello Everyone! Hoping you all are doing great! I am here with another Target Beauty Box! This months box released August 1. Which was on the first Monday of this month. I was a little confused when I seen that there wasn't any Free Shipping. They made a mistake on their site which also charged you for the $4. Like a great customer that I am I still purchased the box because I love them. I still had to chat with Customer Service to make sure it was correct. It wasn't so of course I was refunded the $4 Shipping Fee. So many people complained about it so hopefully it won't happen again. For me it wouldn't matter because I still love getting the boxes. This boxes was $7 and totally had a great preview. So let's not waste anymore time! Let's Get To It!!!!!♥

Sunday, July 31, 2016

♥Target Beauty Boxes July 2016♥

Hello Everyone! Hope you are doing well! I am here with this month's Target Beauty Boxes! Yes that's right Boxes. Target released 2 boxes this month and they were still available up until the removed them from the site last week. This month both boxes were $7 each so in total I paid $14 for them both. I had these boxes for awhile but was super busy but I will make sure to deliver!. So enough already let's get into these boxes! 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

♥Walmart Beauty Box♥Summer♥

Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing well! I am here with my Summer Walmart Beauty Box! This is my second box and im super excited to open this one up! My last box was great so hopefully this one is the same. Just incase you all are wondering this box was only $5. The $5 is only for shipping believe it or not so that makes the box FREE!!!!. So if you are interested in trying this subscribe HERE. So I got this box a couple of days ago and just getting to show you guys. I will be doing a comparison on what I think about all of the boxes and which ones are better to buy. My opinion of course because everyone has different things that they like. So let's get into this box already!

Monday, June 27, 2016

♥PLAY! By Sephora June 2016♥

Hello Everyone! I hope you all are doing great! I am here with my PLAY! By Sephora's box for June!. I am slightly interested in these boxes for the fact that last month had some really cool items but is it really worth $10 a month. I felt like compared to Target's Beauty boxes it doesn't stand a chance. Maybe it's because it is deluxe size samples of makeup?. Not really sure but let's see what this month has to offer. So if anyone is wondering there is a waiting list for these boxes still. I heard that they've opened a few more spots which im sure is filled by now. The boxes are monthly and are going to cost you $10. So check out my May's box by clicking HERE! So let's get into this box!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

♥Target Beauty Box June 2016♥

Hello Everyone! I hope you all are doing great! I am off today and enjoying it! I am here once again with this month's Target Beauty Box for June!. I really love getting these boxes as you can tell I have yet to miss one since getting them. So this box was on sale on May 31st! They didn't wait for June to get here so it was a little early. This was $10 and they also had another box catered to Men i'm assuming since Father's Day was this month. Which was sweet because it also had some pretty cool items inside. I got this box really fast but didn't really have time to post about it because of my busy work schedules. So enough of the chit chat let's get into this box!!!!!! ♥